Silkworm Social

An Influencer Talent Agency

Silkworm Social is an influencer talent agency connecting influential content creators with brands to deliver custom content solutions that are creative, authentic and engaging.

What We Do

Silkworm Social is an influencer talent agency that intertwines influential, prominent, and persuasive content creators with the brands they love to produce custom content that engages consumers.

For Influencers:

We provide Silkworm Social members with unique opportunities to engage with the brands they love while monetizing their efforts.  We take care of the details so that Silkworm's talented members can focus on their craft.

We provide everything from exclusive access, to endorsement deals, sample products, gifts, VIP experiences, travel, sponsorships, and ad campaigns.

Partner with us if you’re interested in:

  • Interacting with brands you and your audience love

  • Expanding your profile and growing your audience

  • Increasing rapport with your audience

  • Boosting your income

For Brands & Agencies:

We give brands a creative edge by connecting them with highly influential trendsetters who produce original content that drives measurable results. 

Our approach cuts out the babble and gives you the pipeline to drive awareness, endorsements, traffic and enthusiastic consumer engagement.

Our activations are creative, custom, scalable, and cost-effective

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