Silkworm Social

An Influencer Talent Agency

Silkworm Social is an influencer talent agency connecting influential content creators with brands to deliver custom content solutions that are creative, authentic and engaging.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about building meaningful relationships with the talented content creators we represent.  Our intimate knowledge of social media strategy and influencer marketing and outreach makes us the perfect partner for companies and brands looking to engage their consumers through third-party endorsements.  

Courtney Korabek

Courtney Korabek | LinkedIn

Courtney assists in operations and strategy execution, while also recruiting and managing Silkworm Members.  Her career began in television both producing and serving as on-air talent. Those experiences lead her to the world of content creation, becoming and collaborating with YouTube personalities. The past 5 years, she’s brought her social media IQ to the influencer marketing table, working with some of the top content creators and developing creative solutions for popular brands. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys taking her cats on long walks and mastering the art that is, Moscow Mule….drinking. 

Jen Wiggins

Jen Wiggins | LinkedIn

Jen oversees operations and strategy while managing several Silkworm Members.  Jen is a seasoned marketer with over fifteen years of experience working with some of the world's top content creators and brands.  Her background encompasses brand management and traditional, digital and social media.  A midwest girl at heart, Jen now calls Austin home and is a margaritas & queso connoisseur.

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