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Silkworm Social is an influencer talent agency connecting influential content creators with brands to deliver custom content solutions that are creative, authentic and engaging.

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Our activations are successful because we entwine influencers with the brands they love, and brands with the consumers they’re trying to reach – resulting in endorsements that are meaningful and actionable.  Check out the results from some of our favorite programs!

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We recently hosted a discussion with a group of influential fashion and lifestyle bloggers who shared insights into what drives them and how successful brands work with them.  

Episode 1:  Learn from the experts themselves – the owners of influential websites and personal brands who know a good influencer marketing plan when they see one. Lean on their expertise as they review useful examples, and find out how you can put them in place yourself.



The Influencers Speak Their Minds Series - The Mechanics of Gaining Third-Party Endorsement

Episode 2:   1-1 with influential bloggers as they explore exactly what works - and doesn’t - when it comes to compelling influencers to take action on behalf of your brand and thus influence the purchasing decisions of your target market. 

This session explores best practices on identifying the right influencers, constructing a compelling offer, and executing a program that’s mutually beneficial. All this from the perspective of the influencers themselves.

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